Cezalı Diktatör Oyunu ve Kadın-Erkek Farkları

Cezalı Diktatör oyununda (third party punishment game) görülen işbirliği davranışında kadın-erkek farkları üzerine bir makale.

The influence of cooperative environment and gender on economic decisions in a third party punishment game

Emel Kromer and Hasan G. Bahçekapili

The influence of social context on men's and women's cooperative behaviour was investigated in a third party punishment game. The results of the analyses showed that, in general, people significantly deviated from rational norms since their decisions were not fit to maximization of their economic benefits. Female participants’ behaviour was more cooperative in terms of first offer rates than male participants when they were dictators. On the other hand, male participants were more willing to pay money to punish unfair allocations and to reward fair offers when they played the role of third party. Taken together these results imply that explaining the behaviour of people in economic exchange situations require going beyond classical definitions of rationality based on profit maximization and embracing social considerations to account for the influence of the situation and for gender differences.

Keywords: Cooperation; gender differences; third party punishment game

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